Only One Apnea Center

Only One Apnea Center, founded in 2007 in Sharm El Sheikh, is the first freediving center in the area, as well as one of the few permanent centers in the world. Since then it has been very successful in promoting recreational and competitive freedive, forming new divers, training athletes, organizing competitions and national and world record attempts.

Only One Apnea Center is the ideal training site for athletes seeking to hone their skills, challenge their limits, and achieve new results! We offer simple but effective educational methods for beginners and more advanced divers alike, while continually monitoring students' technical progress and safety.
Our training center and educational program will lead the student from first dive to final certification. In addition, we offer special classes and workshops, aimed at exploring the various freediving techniques up to the most advanced levels.


Training Areas and Equipment

Our training fields are conveniently located in areas sheltered from winds and currents, providing the perfect environment for all freedivers.
Athletes can work throughout the year, in all disciplines and in complete safety, due to our floating platform with its counterbalance system and safety freedivers stationed within reach at all times.
Other training and safety equipment includes the head down sled, used to efficiently improve the equalization technique effortless, the variable sled and the no limits sled.

Freediving Equipment

Thanks to our sponsors, freedivers without private equipment can enjoy our top quality wetsuits by POLOSUB and fiberglass fins by CarbonioGFT, discovering the pleasure and testing the difference in wearing proper freediving equipment, developed and constantly improved to fully match the special needs of freedivers.

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