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Tremiti Islands

Throughout the summer 2020 you can find us in the Tremiti Islands with all our usual activities for freedivers of all levels...

What is Freediving

Since ever the word "freediving" identifies all those sports activities taking place underwater, ocean or pool, in absence of breath...

Who We Are

First freediving center in Sharm El Sheikh, since 2007 we promote modern freediving from recreational to competitive level...

Where We Are

We operate in Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh, one of the best locations in the world for learning and practicing freediving all year long...



Learn to freedive with courses and lessons.

You can learn the basic techniques of freediving by attending a beginner COURSE and get a certification reccognised worldwide. Course lasts 3 days during which you will acquire the proper skills and knowledges to hold your breath at least 2 minutes, swim 40 meters in dynamic apnea and dive in total comfort and safe to a maximum depth of 15/20 meters.
Program of the course includes theory, with quizzes and final exam, breathing, relaxation and equalization techniques, practice sessions in confined and open waters.

Beside standardized teaching system, we have developed our own techniques-based method to teach freediving, made by programs of LESSONS totally customized on abilities, needs and goals of each student.


Improve your abilities through advanced courses, lessons and workshops.

You can improve your freediving abilities, performances and knowledges by attending an advanced COURSE that last 3 to 6 days, according to the level.
Remember that between courses you have to practice to strenghten your abilities and get ready to face new challanges! If you need to develop specific skills and techniques, you can attend a program of LESSONS or a WORKSHOP, totally customized on your abilities, needs and goals.

Practice your abilities through training sessions.

Certified freedivers can also train their abilities authonomously by renting a buoy or, if alone, with the assistance of our instructors.
Maximum depth of 40 meters (according to the certification owned), lanyard mandatory. SAFETY FIRST!


Become Instructor and start teaching around the world.

Are you an expert freediver with a strong desire to improve your knowledge, share your passion and teaching others?
To be a Freediving professional requires not only high level freediving abilities but also maturity, endurance and enthusiasm along with patience and empathy. The Freediving Instructor Training Course is an intense program run over 8-10 days, very far to be a relaxing holiday.
Instructor Candidates can get ready to successfully attend the Instructor Course by taking part into a specific Workshop customized on individual needs.

Write us to know the requirements and everything you need to enroll into the Instructor Course.


Explore the amazing coral reef.

Certified and experienced freedivers may decide to come to Sharm El Sheikh just to enjoy their abilities exploring the beautiful coral reef of the Red Sea. With us, you can learn to dive with the Underwater Scooter DPV, the most funny thing you can do while freediving, then rent it to dive authonomously in total safe and enjoy the underwater exploration like never before.

We can also organize boat excursions to the main dive sites, such as Tiran Island and Ras Mohammed National Park, for freedivers and companions. Write us your needs and wishes, we will do our best to satisfy you!


Boost your performances.

Only One Apnea Team is our area dedicated to athletes: Marco Nones, with his huge experience as athletes coach since 2007, is ready to help you meeting your goals and exceeding your limits.
We can help you in buinding up abilities with our coaching service, train equalization effortless with the head-down sled, train all depth disciplines in a very safe environement thanks to our floating platform equipped with counter-ballast safety system.
We can organize National and World Record Attempts.

Your results are our main satisfaction: don't hesitate to contact us!

We have the perfect location to run your activities with your students.

Since ever, instructors from every training agency are welcome to bring their students to our facility and carry out their activities autonomously, enjoying the awesome logistic of Only One Apnea Center.

Our standard offer for instructors, with group of minimum 5 students, includes access to our training field, set up with number of buoys according to the needs (max depth 40m), use of the pool, showers, changing room, equipment storage.
Platform with counterballast safety system can be rented for deeper dives, with the assistance of our staff, as well as the sled No-Limits head down.

Write us your needs and discover everything about the offer!


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Athletes Coach

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