PSS Courses



The Advanced Freediver course is the third level of training for freedivers. This course is for those who already have good basic technical skills and who want to further develop the most effective method to improve their performance.


The Freediving Rescue course is one of the best ways to prepare to deal with diving emergencies. The PSS training system includes two additional courses dedicated to rescue: "First Aid and CPR" and "Oxygen in Diving Emergency".


The Master Freediver course is the fourth level of training for freedivers. This course is for those who already have excellent technical skills and who want to learn the most effective method to perfect their performance.

AIDA Courses


AIDA3 - Advanced Freediver

The course is designed to further develop skills from previous levels, to acquire new skills and gain a higher knowledge of safety procedures and techniques. The new techniques that are introduced are free-fall, Frenzel Equalizing, the use of training tables, the risks of increasing and decreasing pressure and also how to minimize these risks. Students will train these skills in the most common disciplines of freediving: Static, Dynamic, Free Immersion and Constant Weight.

AIDA4 - Master Freediver

This course familiarises students with techniques, knowledge and safety procedures for deep freediving that go beyond recreational freediving. The new techniques will include FRC diving, mouth-fill equalization and packing. The skills are developed within these categories of freediving: Static, Dynamic, Constant Weight, Free Immersion and Variable Weight. In addition to the in-water skills this course introduces full body warm-ups and stretching, specific stretching of breathing muscles, training concepts and diet that benefits the freediver and help shape their development as a diver. You will also be, acquainted with packing and reverse packing, mainly within vital capacity as a part of the dry lessons.



Customized teaching system

Beside standard programs, we have developed a customized teaching method to meet the specific needs you may have. With our programs of lessons we can teach you according to your knowledges, abilities and goals.
Each lesson lasts 1 hour and it is quite intense: we strongly suggest you to attend a maximum of two lessons per day, one dry plus one wet (confined or open waters).


Topics: breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, stretching, equalization techniques...


Topics: static, duck-dive, kicking technique, dynamic, rescue techniques...


Topics: any technique related to deep dives in all depth disciplines (free immersion, constant weight, constat weight no fins).



Autonomous training sessions

If you are a certified freediver and you have a dive buddy with similar experience and skills, you can also train your abilities authonomously by renting one of our buoys.
For your own safety, before training autonomously you have to attend the Check Dive Safety Skills to refresh the rescue / safety procedures and give us the opportunity to verify your skills.
Maximum depth of 40 meters (according to the certification owned), bi-fins and lanyard mandatory.

Assisted training sessions

In order to freedive safely, it is mandatory that at least two persons dive together. No one, regardless of their experience or certification may dive or train alone. Therefore, if you are alone, the staff of Only One Apnea Center is available to assist you by monitoring your training and acting as safety freediver.

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