Reef Oasis Blue Bay

Sharm El Sheikh

Since 2020 we have the possibility to offer our services within the Reef Oasis Blue Bay hotel, thanks to the collaboration with Reef Oasis Dive Club present on site.
In this new location we have our main base, so we are able to offer any kind of free diving activity at any level and without restrictions. The 25 meters Olympic Pool and the constant presence of the platform also guarantees the safe development of competitive activities.
This location is recommended especially for those who require medium-high category hotel treatments or for all freedivers or athletes who want to carry out demanding deep dives at the platform.
The high-class hotel overlooks a bay very famous for its submerged beauties, called Far Garden, the coral reef is full of life and sheltered from waves and current, thus creating the best possible condition both for snorkeling explorations , for the less experienced, both for deeper explorations for the most skilled freedivers. The particular shape of the coral reef allows, especially for underwater photographers, to dive until sunset, taking full advantage of the sunlight.

The hotel offers multiple solutions for accommodation, with a wide range of prices. It has a modern SPA center overlooking the sea, all-inclusive and "a la carte" restaurants, heated swimming pools with large spaces, relax pool and swimming pools with slides for childrens, as well as tennis and beach volleyball courts.


Sharm El Sheikh

Since 2020 we have the opportunity to operate also inside the Sheraton hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, thanks to the collaboration with Bubbles Dive Club present on site.
This new location is highly recommended for groups of freedivers and all those who prefer recreational activities on the coral reef, such as underwater photography or more simply "fish-seeing", thanks to the favorable geographical position.
The coral reef in front of the hotel offers, in fact, an enviable privileged position on a promontory very populated by pitch and pelagic fish. Its particular shape allows even the most experienced freedivers to dive deep to enjoy the submerged beauties.
The large delimited and controlled snorkeling area favors interesting and safe explorations for less experienced companions and family members.

To better adapt to the different needs of customers, the hotel offers multiple options for rooms, as well as villas and apartments for medium periods of stay.
Hotel facilities and services includes SPA and GYM, in addition to the various all-inclusive and "a la carte" restaurants.

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