What is freediving?

Since ever the word "freediving" identifies all those sports activities taking place underwater (ocean or pool) in absence of breath. In modern times, instead, it's better identified as "well-being in the water"... not necessarily "under water"!
"Modern freediving", born from the competitive side of our sport, it's all about the development of correct relaxation skills and good motion control, in order to create higher comfort in the water, greater awareness of themselves and, as consequence, improving sport's skills as well as human qualities.


Why to freedive?

Freediving is a sport that involves and develops different areas of our person. Through his practice, even at purely recreational level, you will be able to discover new personal skills, both physical and mental. You will discover that our mind and our body actually have just few limits and many of them are very easily overcome.

Freediving is for everyone?

Unlike any other sport, freediving is practiced mainly through your brain and it develops inside it! You don't absolutely need any physical strength, indeed, considering that muscles burn oxygen, the less you move the better it is!
Especially at recreational level (not competing) freediving is a sport that really fits all ages, just like board games: from 0 to 99 years old! At young age you will probably prefer the purely sporty and recreational aspects, while adult you will certainly appreciate more the mental aspects and relaxation.


Freediving is funny?

Learn how to freedive can give huge personal satisfaction: when seeing gradually disappear some alleged limits, you will soon understand how much funny it is to explore the underwater world in complete freedom and safety, without all those constraints that instead scuba diving imposes. Hovering without weight in a truly three-dimensional environment, even at very shallow depth, it's truly a unique experience that gives you "deep" and incredible sensations, hard to be recreated in other sports.
Being finally able to see the marine animals in their own natural environment, without disturbing them, but rather by stimulating their curiosity towards us, often allows you to enjoy scenes now forgotten from the eyes of our cousins with scuba tanks. In fact, the absence of bubbles and noise created by scuba regulators, plus the graceful and sinuous movements of freedivers, encourage unforgettable encounters with marine life, often from just the very firsts meters.


Freediving is safe?

Since ever, our school has put the safety at the first place. Thanks to years of experience in competitive free diving, our teaching methods, as well as systems and equipment used, are always of the latest generation. Furthermore, in many cases we exceed the normal standards required by the best known international educational agencies, such as our maximum ratio of students to instructor which is 3:1.
The equipment is specific for freediving, always overhauled and perfectly efficient. The safety equipment used during normal training are the same as the official competitions.
The use of the floating platform, equipped with safety counterballast system, it is mandatory for all training deeper than 40m, and the ropes used for training have always a generous and adequate diameter for the activity on going.
Our instructors are internationals, highly experienced, up-dated and, of course, insured!

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