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Are you an athlete?


We have the perfect location for your training, all year long.


We help you in meeting your goals and exceeding your limits.


You can train equalization effortless with the head-down sled.


You can train all depth disciplines up to 150 meters.


The floating platform is equipped with counter-ballast.


We can organize National and World Record Attempts.

Your results are our main satisfaction: don't hesitate to contact us!

Training Sessions


For an athlete, continuing to train is very important throughout the year.

Our center offers the opportunity to train at sea and in depth even during the winter months, thanks to the climate and the particularly mild marine conditions of the Red Sea.
The training service for athletes is always carried out using our platform, equipped with a counter-ballast system and oxygen kit, to guarantee the best safety standards.
All the classic disciplines (CWT, FIM, CNF) as well as those with the sled (VWT, NLT) can be trained up to a maximum depth of 150 meters. During training sessions, the staff will ensure the necessary safety by operating as a safety free diver.

The duration of training sessions in the classic disciplines is 60 minutes, while in the sled disciplines each session lasts 90 minutes.

Sled No-Limits


Our freediving center has two different sleds for the No-Limits, one head-first (for training), the other head-up (for records).

Sled to train equalization

The advanced use of the sled for trainings allows athletes to perform multiple deep dives within the same session to better adapt to new depths and quickly develop the equalization skills required.
The head-first position reproduces the same difficulties that are encountered in the classic disciplines and therefore allows a quick training in every different specialty.

Sled for record attempts

The head-up sled is used only during record attempts in the No-Limits discipline, as the head-up position simplifies reaching the required depth with less equalization efforts.

During the training sessions with sled, the staff of Only One Apnea Center will teach the athlete all the skills to be performed to control and operate safely on the sled. The duration of the sled training sessions is 90 minutes.



Our top service is certainly coaching athletes.

The coaching service is aimed at all those athletes who do not have a coach who constantly and carefully monitors their progress through the years.
The construction of certain advanced skills can take years of constant practice: the development of a coherent and effective training plan by a professional can therefore optimize efforts and simplify the achievement of the athlete's personal goals.

Record Attempts


Only One Apnea Team specializes in organizing national and world record attempts in all depth disciplines. The floating platform with its counterbalance system and AIDA judges present on site, means that our facility is always ready to host athletes who want to attempt a new record, taking advantage of our experience and professionalism. Only One Apnea Center is equipped with all the required tools, such as official bottom and surface cameras, in order to approve any kind of national and world record.

Safety standards are emphasized by the presence of experienced professional divers and safety freedivers, who use our SUEX underwater scooters to enhance response time. Emergency services consist of specialized medical staff and ambulance for rapid transportation to the hospital if needed.

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