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Andreas Pap - Serbian Record No Limits 80m - January 2013

3rd of January 2013 - 11.05 am - Domina Coral Bay - Sharm El Sheikh

Another national record has been set at Only One Apnea Center: Andreas Pap from Serbia has just resurfaced from an amazing dive to 80 meters in the technical discipline of No-Limits.
Andreas’s adventure started two weeks before, once arrived at Only One Apnea Center, in the new location of Domina Coral Bay: despite the Christmas time, he has decided to spend his holidays training free diving, in order to add a new record to his experience rather than enjoying a typical Christmas tree… very good decision!
Since the beginning of the preparation, during the firsts dives on the sled, Andreas felt very comfortable with the depth and with the new discipline (for him) of No-Limits diving and thanks to his high experience in others disciplines he has reached very quickly the right feeling with the water.
In the previous days he dived with the sled multiple time per day, in order to reach the record’s depth, with easy progressions, some days before the attempt, to have the highest chances possible to successfully perform the dive during the official record attempt. Infact, in free diving, the stress created by “the official attempt” and by all the attentions around the athlete, may influence negatively the performances, that’s why repetitive dives at target depth makes easier and easier for the athlete perform the dive in any conditions.
The official day started in the best way: sunshine and flat sea conditions...
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