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Mr.Gus a 103m, il nuovo record Lituano in No Limits - Luglio 2013

My amazing journey "-60 to -110"- Interview with Gus Kreivenas

Intervista con l'atleta Gus Kreivenas (testo solo in inglese)

Gus, congratulations for your new National Record in No Limits settled some weeks ago. I am sure it is an important step forward in your career even if it is not your first record ever...

“Thanks for the congratulations! It was absolutely amazing to be the part of this project, and I believe that it is a giant step forward comparing to my previous achievements. My first two unofficial records of -51m in Free Immersion and -60m in No Limits disciplines, was set during “Pressure Seekers 2012” competition, while training with one of the biggest UK free diving groups: NoTanx (established by Marcus Greatwood). It was an amazing experience and I believe that the club definitely helped me to develop my passion for this amazing sport and over the period of 2 years formed a solid fundament in knowledge and practice of competitive free diving. Although, for many different reasons, only in the past few months I had a chance to discover the deeper awareness of my own body and mind. Last 4 months I have been training with Only One Apnea Center and during this super short gap of time, I managed to...”
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